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360 Wash-n-Dry Reviews & Testimonials​

Making our customers happy is very important to us at 360 Wash-n-Dry.  Read what our customers are saying about us.

Always clean. Washers and dryers are always working. Best laundromat I've been to since living in the area.

Been to a couple of laundromats and this one has been the best so far. They have a place to put the carts out front, which is convenience so you don't have to walk in to get a cart just to walk back out to load up your laundry. Inside is well lit and has an attendant on site that is actually willing to assist you. The rows are spacious so you don't have to worry about bumping elbows just to turn sideways or passing another patron on the same row, a huge plus. Both outside and inside is clean and appear to be fairly new and there are plenty dryer's along the walls for your drying needs. Overall I give this 5 star and since it is near by, I might make it my go to laundry spot.

Great laundromat! Very clean, fresh hot coffee and excellent service. Rose helped me today. She is very sweet and cheerful. I can tell they take great pride in their business!

Best laundromat in town. Only $4.50 for a big load of clothes with FREE dry.

New equipment, clean, and the price is good. The lady that works there is friendly and very helpful. I will definitely use this laundry again. They also offer laundry drop off service.

I love coming to this place! My daughter and I enjoy the clean environment and friendly staff! Best part? Free dryers!

Very clean laundry mat with friendly staff. Never too crowded, even during peak times.

Nice place, friendly staff, good washers and dryers. I do my laundry there every week.

I love coming to wash my clothes here. It's clean. Free Dry. Plus they feed you pizza and help yourself with coffee. OMG, Lord knows I'm come up here hungry sometimes but it's good they look at the customers like customers and not just money!

So clean! The restrooms are clean and fresh! Lots of machines, carts, and change machines. Lots of seating and charging plugs. They even run specials from time to time. Great location! Seems brand new!

This place is so clean. The washers and dryers are great. Really surprised me to see machines make change for dollars and cents. The attendant on duty is really friendly and super sweet.

Never been here before but will definitely be coming back! Had some last minute laundry to do before the week and are we lucky that they had 8 load washers! Finished everything within an hour and one washer kept taking quarters but management was awesome enough to pay for the remaining balance on another machine for us to use. Great first time experience!

Very nice and clean. Had many many washing machines. Two different sizes. $3.00 for the small and $6 for the large. Dryers were responsible and big. Didn't take a lot of time to dry.

Great environment. An amazing place to come wash and dry your clothes. Safe and convenient. I will recommend 360 Wash n Dry to everyone.

My favorite laundromat! It's clean and the machines are Electrolux!! Dryers are fantastic and it's very affordable and fast. I'm glad they don't have loud tvs, vending machines or arcade games so I can enjoy my time without all the noise! Did I mention it's very clean all of the time?! 10 stars out of 10!

Great place to do your laundry.

It is super clean and very nice. Mrs. Rose will get you taken care of.