About 360 Wash-n-Dry​

In early 2019, 360 Wash-n-Dry opened its doors.  This 4,000 square foot brand-new laundromat was created by two former business partners.  They had been in the financial field, but wanted their own business.  When they decided to open a laundromat, they looked at all of the laundromats in the area and found most to be from the 60's and 70's.  Most were dirty, unattended and half of the machines were out of order.  They decided that their laundromat would be bright, clean and fully attended, with equipment that worked!  360 Wash-n-Dry has achieved these goals.  Now, the partners are offering FREE pickup and delivery service for both residential and commercial customers.  They know how busy people are and want to take this chore away from people who need help!  Just schedule a pickup, you'll love this service.

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360 Wash-N-Dry

2800 Forestwood Dr. , #104

Arlington, TX 76006

(817) 617-2273

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7AM - 11PM Daily

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